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Vivo Optimus Learning Co. was established by a group of Overseas Filipino Workers who experienced and witnessed first-hand the sacrifices of Filipino parents, children and siblings all over the world to pursue for themselves or to provide their loved ones, the gift of education.  As such, it is our desire to help bring quality education to every Filipino child regardless of social status.  We strongly believe that education is a right and not just a privilege.

We aim to support the Philippine education system by distributing learning materials with the highest standards but affordable prices.  We also support the development of learning modules and programs which will help children in their quest for knowledge.


We advocate charitable causes to reach out and share learning opportunities to underprivileged children. 


Products and Services


The Singapore Maths Innovative Learning Experience (SMILE) program is a product of more than 20 years of combined experience of Singapore Ministry of Education certified teachers and private tutors.  

Based on Singapore Maths methodology, it is designed with a purposeful sequence and structure of learning to build strong foundations and proficiency.


Done in full animation, learning Maths has never been more enjoyable!

Currently used in Singapore, Malaysia, Central Asia and North America, it is now aligned with DepEd curriculum giving us SMILE-PH! (Learn More)


This program is designed to help children develop a love for English.  Thematic animation makes learning vocabulary and grammar easy and fun! (Learn More)


Grade 5

Build on knowledge learnt in Grade 4 and pick up new techniques on tables, model diagrams and more, to solve real life word problems. See and extend application into areas of Rate, Ratios and Percentage. Plenty of practice opportunities to break down problems into simpler components in Fractions. With this base knowledge gained, your child can level up to Primary Six confidently.


Grade 6

We break down the daunting topic of Algebra into simple ideas. Shown through clear illustrations, complex concepts or workings on forming and expressing algebraic terms will no longer be stumbling blocks to your child’s learning path. Using powerful visual cues for learning, he will breeze through topics like Speed and Ratio in no time.

Start here for a strong base – kick start your child’s knowledge base, with innovative Singapore Math models. Learn to add and subtract using techniques like Making Tens and using Number Bonds, and more. Learn through stories on the order of numbers and their place values. Learn concepts of time, money and length through simple yet effective animation.

Grade 1

Grade 2

Build on the foundations of Grade One through more stories and journeys with our animated friends. Learn about Numbers and their operations especially multiplication and division. Get an early introduction to the idea of fractions. Learn how to tell the time.

Strengthen your child’s foundation on Whole Numbers with the proper ways to multiply and divide large numbers. Learn about Fractions and their relations to numbers, adding and subtracting simple fractions with step-by-step visual examples. Through visual examples of different units of measurement, dive deeper into concepts of Time, Mass and Volume. Your child will develop a deeper appreciation of their applications in different situations around us.

Grade 3

Welcome to word problems! Your child sees how to identify word problems and navigate tricky problem sums. We will share useful heuristics problem-solving concepts like Working Backwards, Constant Difference and more. Strengthen foundation through practices and examples on Fractions, as well as breeze through concepts on Area, Angles, Decimals, Statistics and Time.

Our Partners

Our Partners


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